Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Baltimore, Maryland

We have now parked on the Fort Meade army base. Before going any further, I probably should continue my review of our watery east coast journey southward last Wednesday.  Tuesday night we were outside of Trenton, New Jersey.  In Trenton we crossed the Delaware River- as George Washington did in 1776 before the Battle of Trenton against the British.  New Jersey's border is at the easternmost shoreline of the river.  From there we were back in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia to be exact.  The Susquehanna River was our next river crossing, it is the longest river of northeastern United States and  flows through southeastern Pennsylvania  into northeastern Maryland.  Baltimore,Maryland was our final destination where we planned to stay for a couple of weeks. This picture was taken as we drove past Baltimore Harbor into the city.
Most of the campgrounds which we checked in the D.C. area were full during the time we would be in the area.  However, we could use a military park because our daughter Melissa's fiance is in the Navy.  And Fort Meade, outside Baltimore, had an opening for us.  Unfortunately we arrived there rather ignominiously on Wednesday afternoon.   John chose the gate of the National Security Agency in which to enter with our motor home!   Police cars with sirens blasting and lights flashing halted us.  Once we explained where we were going they were a bit kinder to us and escorted us out of that area- after they had a dog sniff every compartment of our home, inside and out.  Our cat KC had to be carried out for the inspection.  I marvel at what that cat has experienced in his lifetime!   The rest of our past week has been spent at our son Daniel and his wife Amanda's home.  They recently purchased a 100 year-old home and John has been helping them with repairs.  The home is pictured below.  Our daughter Melissa has also chosen this time to move from her apartment in Fairfax to another one closer into D.C.   We spent one evening with her helping her to pack.  However, in our first week here we still have found time to do some sight-seeing.  More on that later.

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