Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tour of Downtown Duluth

As I indicated in the last posting, the flooding of Duluth prevented us from visiting some of its top tourist attractions.  And I do realize that that inconvenience for us is a minor issue compared to the destruction which the town has experience in the past twenty-four hours. The Depot was one place we had hoped to visit.  It is a renovated 1892 railroad station with four museums containing living exhibits and art galleries. We stopped there to see if it was opened and outside its dooors found an interesting statue, which is pictured below. It is of Albert Woolson, the oldest Union survivor of the Civil War. He was born in 1847 and died in 1956.  We soon came to find that not much was opened today, including the Depot. 
Driving around Duluth we noticed certain areas of the town have been designated as the "Bob Dylan Way".  It is a 1.8 mile of road in honor of the singer who spent the first 5 years of his life in Duluth.  And it was at the Duluth Armory that the 17 year-old Bob Dylan heard Buddy Holly two nights before Holly's death.  Dylan has said that his experience that night led him to choose a career in music. There is a small exhibit in the Fitger's building dedicated to Bob Dylan.
The Fitger's Brewery had a much bigger beer-making operation about 100 years ago.  It is a very large imposing brick building which dominates the downtown area of Duluth.  Besides the brewery, it also has a bar and grill, as well as an inn and retail shops. As we approached the building our attention was caught by the large number of pigeons feeding on the left over grain set out by the brewery.  That was pretty much our afternoon in Duluth,  however we did find a few shops open.  We are leaving Friday from here after visiting a friend tomorrow, guess we just need to return to Duluth another time.

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