Monday, November 21, 2011

Our last day in Tucson, Arizona

The above picture shows where we have been parked in the past week. It has been wonderful here where there is a beautiful community hall, library, and an outside heated pool. While floating on my back in the pool I can observe the very noisy woodpeckers who hang out in the trees above the pool. I imagine they are either the gila woodpeckers, or the gilded flicker. The latter one especially likes to hang out in saguaros. Yesterday, Sunday, we attended church at Mount Zion Lutheran church. The church several years ago only had a small number of elderly members in attendance. Then suddenly the city of Tucson spilled out into the hillsides, and the church grew with many young families. I like worshiping where I can look out at mountains.
I apologize for the poor picture, there was a lot of light spilling into the sanctuary. In the middle of his sermon the pastor requested that the air conditioning be turned on! It was a wonderful service, celebrating Christ the King, with special music provided by trumpet and clarinet players, as well as the choir. In the afternoon we toured Reid Zoo, located near the downtown area. It is a small zoo which features the animals, birds and reptiles of Asia, South America, and Africa. I took a few pictures of the animals, the best of which was that of a blue crowned pigeon. He was not a good-tempered bird, as he flew at everyone who approached him.
 Reid Park is next to the zoo, it has a fishing lake and sports field where the Colorado Rockies holds spring training. We also enjoyed a rose garden which is located in the park. Today we are moving further west.

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