Monday, October 24, 2011

Denver Botanical Gardens

This garden is one of the top-ranked botanical gardens in the nation. Fortunately for us winter has not done its damage there yet. Many of the plants are at the end of their blooming, but we still found some awesome beauty in the garden when we toured it Friday. We had only a couple of hours to see the gardens before we were due at a bridal shop for our daughter Melissa's first appointment of the week-end. She had flown in early Friday morning to spend the week-end with us and her cousin Heather. I was surprised to discover at the gardens that there is an autumn crocus. That plant is pictured below, it caught my attention as it looked so pretty nestled among the lamb's ears foliage.
 Denver Botanical Gardens currently is displaying the work of modernist Allan Houser, called Native Roots. It features Native American plants and peoples. Pictured below is a sculpture which has the title of Morning Prayer. Around the figure are prairie grasses, of which a beautiful variety of them can be found in the garden.
As I mentioned in an earlier posting, the autumn colors here in Denver have been stunning. Below is a picture of that beauty in the botanical gardens. The warm sunny day also added to our enjoyment of the garden.
While in Denver I have also found a lot of joy in just seeing the Rockies off in the distance. I searched for a place where I could get a picture of their snow-capped peaks plus some autumnal beauty. Yesterday, after church, I finally found just the location in a park. Tomorrow night snow is in the forecast for Denver. We do plan to head south  tomorrow morning, well ahead of winter's first blast of cold and snow.

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