Friday, January 7, 2011

New Orleans

We are leaving this fair city today,  but I have a few final items to share with you before we move on to another town. The above picture is so New Orleans. The sculpture is called "Second Line Sashay". It seems to depict the carefree happy attitude of the city. In the background notice the buildings which show a bit of age. That too is so much of the charm of this city. The picture below was taken in Jackson Square, the Quarters "unofficial Left Bank" according to the AAA Tour Book. In the square can be found palm readers, artists and street performers.
New Orleans also has its share of streets with interesting names. Our motor home has been parked on Chef Menteur Highway. What a surprise to find out that in Choctaw that means "chief liar". Apparently that is the name the Native Indians gave to the colonial French Governor Kerlerec after he reneged on a treaty. We also found out the origin of the word "Dixie". In the 1800s Citizens State Bank in New Orleans printed a ten dollar bank note. Ten in French is Dix. People soon referred to the bank note's place of origin as the "land of the Dixie", eventually that was known as "Dixieland", synonymous with the America's Southland.

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