Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

This is to wish all of our family and friends a most blessed Thanksgiving. The above picture was taken at Memorial Presbyterian Church chapel. That was not where we attended Thanksgiving services. I fear that one of these years we will not find a place to attend Thanksgiving services. The city of St. Augustine had one church where we could attend, Trinity Episcopal Parish built in 1830.
It was a Thanksgiving eve service, and the church was half full. The streets were full of people admiring the Christmas lights of the city, shops and restaurants were all open and buskers were playing Christmas carols. Thanksgiving has certainly gotten lost between early Christmas celebrations and Black Friday. For me Thanksgiving will always remain a special time to give thanks to God from whom all my blessings flow!  Before the service last evening we returned to Flagler college to take a guided tour from one of its junior students.The dining area is truly awesome with Tiffany stained glass windows and painted murals on the walls. Hard to believe that the tuition is only $21,000 a year. It is a nationally recognized liberal arts college.

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