Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Moulton Falls Park, Washington

Since we have been back in Vancouver we have been trying to focus on getting caught up with laundry,house cleaning, correspondence, and so forth. It has been cool and overcast. Most fortunately the heavier rain showers have been occurring at night. According to local weather forecasters this has been a most unusual spring with cooler than normal temperatures and lots of precipitation. However, Marta and Terry, as well as John and myself, determined on Sunday that we would hike on Memorial Day however the weather turned out. So it was a pleasant surprise on Monday when the rain stopped by late morning. We did get some misting during the day, and some dark cloud cover but some bright sunshine did prevail. We took a five mile hike along the eastern fork of the Lewis river. First we did a short hike to see Lucia Falls. It was interesting to consider that it is in these waters and falls where salmon come to to spawn and migrate. It is important that they have an area to rest for the final challenges of their journey. Below is a sign posted near the falls warning people not to enter the waters.
The hike to both falls took us into forests very reminiscent of the Olympic Rain Forest. We walked under moss-covered tall trees and by many ferns. Marta pointed out a lady fern which had the shape of a lady's skirt, very pretty and delicate. And despite the past weeks of cloudy wet weather there were some wildflowers out and the salmonberry bushes had orange raspberry- shaped fruit on them. It will still be awhile before they will be ripe enough to eat. And apparently rhododendron bushes do better here than azalea. Below is pictured a very large flowering rhododendron bush which we saw while hiking.
It was a much longer but scenic path which took us to Moulton Falls, pictured below. None of these falls are tall by any means, and during the summer are not as spectacular. Right now it is the spring rains and snow melts which create such large volumes of rushing water over the falls.
 I also have one more picture to share; it also should give you a feel for this park with its volcanic rock formations in the river gorge, numerous ferns, and mossy trees. It was quite a pleasant and serene walk along the Lewis river.Only thing rushing was the river and a few joggers.

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